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Those plans were quickly ridiculed and subsequently rejected. Panorama shot of life along Saiwan, the Western bay of Cheung Chau. My friend A managed to swallow down most of the shell, poky bits and all, when it was crispy; I took the wussy way out and slowly peeled off the shell on all my shrimps.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

Previously it had been abolished because a young man fell off the Cheung chau in This is how the ferry looks like inside in the slow boat, ordinary class. One of the places I heard a lot about was the island of Cheung Chau and that I had to go eat seafood there. Giant powdery mango mochi and our mango sago Seriously the burst of mango juice when you bite into that?

The squid and garlic sauce was also quite a stellar dish, the steamed egg was also a decent dish.

Hotels in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

It's a beautiful temple, the exterior is lavishly decorated with Cheung chau carvings and colorful sculptures There is much to enjoy whether you have only a couple of hours or an entire day: You can follow the main promenade along the water for some fantastic views of the busy harbour Check out the poky bits!

Where is the Festival and How to Get There? Getting to Cheung Chau Island Ferries leave from Central Pier 5 and there are two kinds of ferry, the fast one and the slow one. On Sundays and Public Holidays ferries operate at an increased frequency. Later, inhe surrendered to the local Chinese government and was given a high position in their navy.

Economy[ edit ] The central part of the island is well developed with shops and houses. This is where you find the "Mini Great Wall", not really a wall, but a trail that snakes the hilly side of the coast.

When is the Cheung Chau Bun Festival ? A small temple sits just beyond the beach, for all your spiritual needs. Armed with no other knowledge, I hopped on one of the Central Pier Ferries and spent an afternoon on the island of Cheung Chau.

Eat seafood — New Baccarat Restaurant There is a row of seafood restaurants facing the bay that you can check out and grab some good seafood in. Water and mountains, plenty of them. Cheung Po Tsi stashed his pirate booty on various small islands around the area, one of the main caches here on Cheung Chau Island the Cheungs are not related.

Part of Cheung Chau's large fishing fleet at anchor in Cheung Chau Harbour The ferry pier is on the west side of the island next to the Praya which is lined with seafood restaurants and small shops. Cheung Chau Bun Festival Parade There is also a very colorful parade and you will see the typical lion dances, floats, marching bands, martial arts demonstrations and lots of drums and cymbels.

Getting to Cheung Chau Island: Till next time, Cheung Chau! The squid and garlic sauce was also quite a stellar dish, the steamed egg was also a decent dish. The ferry will leave once every half hour or so. New Baccarat is the furthest restaurant from the Ferry Pier I highly recommend sitting outdoors so you can get a view of the sea as you eat.

Sampans operate continuosly every 20 minutes, it only costs HK5. According to this map we walked around 7km that day, and with the crazy slopes in spots, no wonder I was so freaking tired! This is how the ferry looks like inside in the slow boat, ordinary class. Vendors offering all sorts of colorful decorations Imagine it without the markers pointing towards it or the pathway and you can probably see why it would have been quite the effective hiding spot for hiding from the authorities.

This makes neighborhoods awfully crowded and leaves plenty of green space, countryside, almost wilderness, about.

Tricycles for hire On the opposite side of the causeway on the eastern side of the island is the sandy Tung Wan Beach and at just round the corner beyond the Warwick Hotel at the southern end of the beach is the attractive Kwun Yam Bay and Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre.

There are tinges of modernity here and there Check out this great images from the Festival: One other island to visit is called Cheung Chau, where the hike is more challenging and interesting.In September,a Cypriot freighter called ‘City of Lobito’ beached on Cheung Chau island after being washed ashore by Typhoon Ellen.

The tonne cargo ship narrowly avoided smashing into newly built beachside apartments (by just 30 metres). Small it may be, but the island of Cheung Chau packs a powerful punch when it comes to attractions. Aside from its annual explosion of Bun Festival fun, Cheung Chau’s temples, seafood restaurants, beaches — and even a pirate’s hideout — make it an interesting getaway all year round.

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is one of the liveliest and certainly one-of-a-kind of Hong Kong Festivals, full of folklore and tradition and set in picturesque Cheung Chau Island, just a.

A Relaxing Day Trip to Cheung Chau

I fell in love with this unique ice dripped coffee served in a young coconut from a coffee shop called Valor Coffee. The hiking is fantastic on Cheung Chau island. Cheung Chau Island has long been one of Hong Kong’s most popular island retreats. Smaller than Lantau but bigger than nearby Peng Chau, Cheung Chau is several gears slower than the big city but offers more to do than clamber around on rocks and play castaway.

Located just a minute’s walk from the white sands of East Bay, Warwick Hotel Cheung Chau offers rooms with sea views.

Cheung Chau

It houses 2 dining options, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and a spa.

Cheung chau
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