How to give welcome address on teachers day

We want all children, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. If I am able to fly high today, Thank you my dear Teachers, because you were the wind beneath my wings!!

A range of students participate in the cultural programs, speech and other activities in order to make this event special and memorable. I draw inspiration from all my teachers who work really hard to groom every child and make them a better version of what they have always been.

It is teachers who help us survive in this competitive world. Teachers are also the guides who play an important role in transforming a student into a responsible citizen. This short narrative is about a woman named Rose who was old enough to be one of our parents when she went back to college to complete a dream.

After his selection as the Indian President inhe was asked and requested by the students to get permission to celebrate his birthday on 5th of September.

We are very fortunate to have him with us this evening as a chief guest. The title of my speech is, why teachers are so important in our life. The idea is to grow up by always finding the opportunity in change.

Use quotes of some great academicians or personalities to give a fitting finale to your speech. Some students celebrate this event in their own way by presenting their favorite teachers a colorful flower, teachers day cards, gifts, e-greeting cards, sms, messages, etc to respect and admire them.

They do their best to maintain health and concentration level of the students. They are called as the back bone of our society because they highly contribute in building up our characters, shaping our future and help us to be ideal citizens of the country.

Our mission is to provide practical, step by step assistance. You will have amazing networking opportunities in your next phase—you will meet new people with different cultures, values, attitudes and knowledge. You esteemed presence amidst us today make us feel proud. But first of all I would like to thank my class teacher to offer me such a great opportunity to speech on teachers day.

In his later life first he became the Vice President of Indian republic and then the President of Indian republic. Teachers play a prominent role in influencing and inspiring us. Follow the steps and you will be fine.

It is my teachers who have guided me, helped me, imbibed strong values in me to make me what I am today. Parents United is committed to actively raising the quality of life for every child. Try and keep out of trouble; however if you are faced with a challenge, remember—parents love you unconditionally, and will help you through the ups and downs, and the sooner you share the issues with them, remedial measures are less expensive, less painful and solutions come faster.

Teachers' Day

Whether you call them a guide, a guru, a teacher, a mentor or an educator. You gave meaning for our lives; you made us discover the best in us. It is easy to remain in the comfort zone in terms of the friends circle but the best lessons in life are learnt through reaching out.

Their work among English-as-a-second-language families has bridged gaps that were deep dark chasms. Let me now take a few minutes to share some personal experiences in my professional life that may be useful.

Teachers have to continue hard works and go through variety of books, articles, etc to put thorough knowledge needed to the society. They greatly impact our well being, development and growth.

Keynote speech by Mr Jan Mohamed at the graduation ceremony at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa 25 May Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel honored and privileged to have been asked to be the Chief Guest at the graduation ceremony of this excellent institution—I was fortunate to witness the unique features of the Academies program yesterday morning, and I have great admiration for the emphasis the Academy places on life-long learning and development, positive engagement with the community, developing leadership skills; qualities that will positively impact your communities, your country and the world at large.

We would like to welcome our non- teaching staff, for their continual and co-operative support, who work hand in hand with us make us feel relived, moved a mile towards this great occasion. We can never repay the valuable contribution of our teachers who arouse our hearts with the light of knowledge and remove all sorts of ignorance.

They add value to our character and make us ideal citizens of the country.

How to Give Best Welcome Speech, Sample Introduction in English

May we keep in mind that there are miles and miles we can still go before we sleep. We should not be reliant on aid and strive towards becoming self sufficient. So, say few but powerful words. Behind this success are great people who do common works uncommonly well.Dec 10,  · Teachers Day Welcome Speech DM.

College of Sc. Env.

How to give welcome address on teachers day?

Deptt. Imphal by P. Diana on 5th Sept. Sep 06,  · For students, Teachers' Day is an occasion to pay reverence and gratitude to teachers for their selfless effort in shaping their career and enriching the education system in the process.

Opening and Welcome Speech Mrs Werawan Tangkeo The Deputy Secretary General of Thai Food and Drug Administration @ The Siam City Hotel, Bangkok February Dr Viner, Dr Stevens, Dr Sato, and Dr Sudhichai, Distinguished participants, Ladies.

Aug 23,  · Teacher's Day seeks to acknowledge this very contribution of teachers. If you want to make this day special for your teachers as well, try to deliver a speech in their honor, highlighting their importance on the life of Resolved. School Christmas Speech It's time for that yearly gathering and you've been chosen to give that School Christmas speech.

Our speeches are just what you need if you wish to toast the season at a teachers' Christmas/Happy holiday function. Teachers day celebration is an wonderful opportunity for all the students to do something for their teachers in their respect and honor.

It is also like an appreciation to the new teachers to become a responsible teacher in the future towards the education.

How to give welcome address on teachers day
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