Sap business planning and consolidation module definition

Specifically, you can perform consolidation for companies, divisions, business areas or sap business planning and consolidation module definition centers. And, the inevitable positive effect it has on on-time delivery rates and the lack of inventory shortages that arise help to boost customer service and satisfaction levels considerably.

Warehouse and accounting integration Increased automation, from order to invoice, means huge efficiency savings for the business too. There are also existing reports for listing master data, additional financial data and the control parameters.

The sales order process is made even more efficient by the ability to access inventory data across multiple warehouses, providing a comprehensive view of inventory levels. Inventory Control Reduce inventory costs A precise, streamlined inventory management tool, SAP Business One Inventory Control enables you to reduce inventory costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Sales Sales Spanning the entire sales process, the SAP Business One Sales module boasts an array of functionality from creating quotations, through to invoicing, document drafts and printing, handling all sales documentation with ease.

For example, you can define one dimension for company consolidations and, at the same time, another dimension for profit center consolidations. By integrating, synchronizing and monitoring your vital production processes, it enables you to optimize efficiencies, making a real difference to your profitability.

Improved access to critical business information What SAP Business One Reporting gives you is vastly improved access to business-critical information in real-time and in the right context, presented in a variety of layouts, complete with interactive drill-downs and the ability to perform advanced scenario modeling within the reports.

Up-to-the minute information, presented in accessible and intuitive reports, affords the business full visibility into the entire purchasing process. By integrating all financial and project management data into one solution, users can measure actual costs incurred along the way compared against budgeted costs, making any relevant adjustments mid-project.

Automated collection of transaction data. The overall increased project transparency that the system affords provides a comprehensive insight into every part of the project, allowing projects to be managed more effectively and efficiently, from start to finish.

You can translate the reported financial data into the currency of the consolidation group. For example, automated invoicing allows for not only faster payment transactions but enables improvements to investment planning too.

Using the solution we can put forecasts together quickly, carry out sensitivity analyses and then make the right choices. Rinedata consultants have shown considerable innovation when designing and implementing solutions, providing Amey with applications that truly fit our business requirements.

The integration functions enable the following: Service reports When it comes to reporting, the ability to automatically amalgamate service reports and detailed analysis allows you to create in-depth reports, which can be easily turned into value-add actionable business insight.

They have coupled their extensive and detailed knowledge of the system with a clear, calm and personable approach, to help Hitachi-Europe Ltd through a period of significant change.

Their consultants are very knowledgeable and professional, but are also able to communicate with us in a language we understand and take a vested interest in ensuring knowledge transfers across to enable us to maintain our own system. Financials Financials Manage accounting processes Providing a complete suite of tools to manage, streamline and automate your financial operations, SAP Business One Financial and Accounting enables you to take full control of your finances.

The module has the ability to manage detailed data, with users able to view account balances and purchase analysis, while maintaining detailed purchasing information. Giving users the ability to centralize all project-related transactions, documents, resources and activities, project leaders can easily and effectively analyze all aspects of a particular project at the click of a mouse.

Rinedata have provided invaluable help and support during this time. Centralisation Through centralizing all project-related documents, resources and financial transactions in one place, users can monitor the individual progress of various tasks and stages, giving them the ability to comprehensively track projects, with the option to define stages that are specific to their particular business.

Each dimension lets you process flexible and, when needed, parallel hierarchies of consolidation units and consolidation groups: Rinedata also made sure that we focused on knowledge transfer, so that by the end of that initial period we were proficient in maintaining and updating the system.

Parallel hierarchies means that you use different criteria for structuring the consolidation units of each type of consolidation e. For example, one hierarchy could have a structure of consolidation units as companies, another hierarchy could have a structure with business segments.

The entire consolidation process can be broken down into two areas: Also, the system is capable of generating the necessary packaging documentation for all goods shipped to the customer, as well as effectively handling any returns using the automatically-generated returns documents.

This in turn increases the speed and the success rate at which opportunities are converted into real leads, ultimately increasing revenue. Ultimately, the comprehensive functionality provided by this module makes things easier, more efficient and more accurate for both you and your customer, leading to faster, smarter working and a significant boost to the bottom line.

Managing your customers For optimum efficiency, SAP Business One CRM synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, enabling users from across the business to easily and effectively update, maintain and manage customer contacts. This increased automation and integration not only eliminates duplicate entries and manual errors, but increases efficiencies and gives you access to accurate real time information, every time.

With a vast array of report templates provided as standard, the solution enables you to automatically create detailed but accessible reports, presenting the right information in an easy-to-digest format at the click of a mouse.

SAP Business One

The module is able to automatically create single or multiple POs and goods receipts, linking to the relevant purchasing documents, all while managing returns and expenses, not to mention working with multiple currencies.

This enables you to automatically generate reports quickly and easily right across the business, from financials and sales through to inventory and despatch. SAP Business One CRM provides the ability to track all sales opportunities from initial contact through to close of sale, with all customer data stored in one, easy-to-access repository.

You can automatically record goods receipts and issues, track inventory transfers, while performing comprehensive and accurate inventory and cycle counts.About the Tutorial SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool helps to automate and streamline business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in an organization.

It is used to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation NW version is based on the functionality of. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver Journal Definition and Validation Setting Business Process Flow Management.

SAP BPC | SAP Business Planning & Consolidation SAP BPC is a component of SAP EPM portfolio, an application dedicated to financial processes on a unified platform. Owned by the business and designed for the end user, it is the target environment to support planning, consolidation and financial reporting.

SAP BPC | SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

Page: Business Planning and Consolidation Version for Microsoft Page: Business Planning and Consolidation Version for SAP NetWeaver Page: Planning and Consolidation (All) Overview Content Tools. SAP Projects for ₹ - ₹ Roles/Responsibilities: • Responsible for planning and executing SAP Implementation / Development / Support activities regard to SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) module.

• Understand clie. 1 SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool is used to support all operational and financial activities in an organization.

SAP BPC helps in automating and streamlining business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in your organization.

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Sap business planning and consolidation module definition
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